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Hair Care Minimalism In 2023

When you browse around the internet you start to see recommendations for a 5-step, 7-step routine or hair regimen and if you have other things to do you know  it is not realistic to sustain.

This year we are leaving that in the past to enjoy a minimalist approach to hair care that even works better.

It can be tempting to try all the new products on the market or just go for the 'full set' because we have been taught to believe the more we do the more we get even in hair care and let's face it, there are thousands of companies out there fighting for your spend so more does not always mean more.

How can you step away from the rush and switch to minimalist hair care?

1.Your Understanding: You need to understand that regardless of what you do or don't do (except you have a medical condition) your hair is grows on its own and it even naturally produces it's own 'oil' that that keeps the scalp moist and protect the scalp from infection. As you can see, just like most parts of your body are functioning without you doing anything everyday (...again except its a condition) your hair does not need you to do something everyday. Hair products are not made to help your hair function but make your hair function better.

2. Know your needs: Knowing the specific needs of your hair will help you build the right regimen with the right products instead of using a try them all approach to hair care. Join communities like Amari to gain more clarity on what your needs are at a given time.



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